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Living Concepts recently joined the constantly growing Thoma network, which includes more than 100 partners in 33 countries across the globe.

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Erwin Thoma, originally a forester from Austria, established the company back in 1990, wishing to build the healthiest possible house for his own children. With his background, it was quite an obvious choice to opt for pure wood in order to achieve this ultimate goal.

Thoma has since become a real success story and every Thoma project remains unique in its own way – therefore tailor-made designed, manufactured and constructed in order to fulfil your specific needs and wishes. When delivering it, we will make sure that we achieve the perfect mix of quality, innovation and sustainability.

With the help of Thoma’s expertise and their partnership with Living Concepts, you can build your dream wooden home – making it a cosy, modern-looking place – and venture into even more ambitious projects, such as: · the construction of apartment blocks, · public buildings, · hotels and much more...

The key assets at a glance

  • A healthy and safe living environment
  • Short, reliable construction times
  • Natural record insulation
  • Extraordinary fire protection
  • Above-standard sound insulation
  • Exceptional earthquake resistance
  • Protection against high-frequency radiation
  • Natural air conditioning creating cosy atmosphere and reducing operating costs
  • Breathing walls, with 50-year no mould or condensation guarantee
  • Low energy consumption and waste production
  • Full design freedom, which makes everything possible to accommodate your needs and wishes!
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© Thoma Holz GmbH

A healthy and sustainable living space

Living Concepts shares with Thoma the ambition and wish to build the healthiest possible home. This implies the use of moon wood – in other words, wood in its best possible form – and refraining from using any chemicals and adhesives. Moreover, Thoma has shown that working together with nature is a better choice from a technological and business standpoint, which means that the construction process is fully sustainable and does not produce any sort of waste.

What is Wood100?

With their many years of experience in this business, Thoma have established that a natural solid wood wall lays the foundations of a healthy and environmental-friendly living space. Wood100 (aka Holz100) allows you to achieve this goal, without using any glue or metal, but only wooden dowels.
© Mark Sengstbratl Architekturfotografie
© Thoma Holz GmbH

Natural air conditioning

Moreover, a wooden house allows you to prevent temperature fluctuations as well as unsteady levels of humidity. If you build your very own Wood100 house, you will experience unprecedented thermal comfort, which previously seemed an unattainable dream.

Certified revolutionary concept

A number of high-profile institutions have acknowledged the revolutionary concept developed by Thoma – the company boasts a European Technical Assessment (ETA) certification, the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ certificate in gold, and many more certifications issued by universities / research institutes based in Austria and Germany.
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To make your ideal wooden house a dream that comes true, we will be working with yet another close partner of ours – Steffen Holzbau. This is a very well established company in Luxembourg, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this business, since they have been delivering wooden, low-energy consumption houses for the past 25 years. If you wish to know more about Steffen Holzbau, visit their official website at

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